Erol's Publications*

I research biological "problem solving". When I say "problem solving", I'm referring to the set of actions that cells take towards achieving homeostasis. Examples include the selection of mutations that confer antibiotic resistance and the rewiring of metabolic flux after the deletion of a gene. I utilize reconstructed genome-scale networks of metabolism and expression as a base towards modeling such behavior. My current project involves elucidating the evolutionary trajectories of 7 different E. Coli strains using time-dependent genomic, fluxomic, and transcriptomic measurements.

Primary author:

[1] Erol Kavvas et al. Pan-genome-wide analysis and genome-scale modeling of 1595 M. Tuberculosis strains reveals the contribution of metabolism to strain diversity and drug resistance. In Preparation, 2017

Photo: Mutual Information Plot

Minor contribution:

[2] Bin Du, Daniel C. Zielinski, Erol Kavvas, et al. Evaluation of rate law approximations in bottom-up kinetic models of metabolism. BMC Systems Biology, 2016