Erol's Publications*

Research objective:

Advancements in high-throughput biotechnologies have drowned us in a sea of biological data. I aim to develop mathematical methods that leverage this data deluge towards a more predictive biology. My research is focused on the data types of genomics, transcriptomics, fluxomics, and genome-scale reconstructions.

Primary author:

  1. Kavvas ES., Catoui E., Mih N., Yurkovich JT., Seif Y., Dillon N., Heckmann D., Anand A., Yang L., Nizet V., Monk JM., Palsson BO. Machine learning and structural analysis of Mycobacterium tuberculosis pan-genome identifies genetic signatures of antibiotic resistance, Nature Communications, (2018) 9:4306
  2. Photo: natcomms

  3. Kavvas ES., Seif Y., Yurkovich JT., Norsigian C., Poudel S., Greenwald WW., Ghatak S., Palsson BO., Monk JM.Updated and standardized genome-scale reconstruction of Mycobacterium tuberculosis H37Rv, iEK1011, simulates flux states indicative of physiological conditions. BMC Systems Biology , (2018) 12:25

Photo: SVM Workflow

Minor contribution: